St. Charles Adult and Community Education HVAC Program

Registration for the fall session of the St. Charles Adult and Community Education HVAC technology program opens July 20, 2016. Students enrolled in the program will receive training to build a strong career in the HVAC field. In these sessions, students will learn the fundamentals of heating and air conditioning systems and get practical, hands-on practice […]

Camp Rescue for Girls! offers free camp experience for middle schoolers

Check out a video from Camp Rescue for Girls in 2015. Camp Rescue for Girls!  Camp Rescue is an exciting experience for incoming 7th-9th grade girls designed to build courage and leadership skills while introducing them to careers in emergency response. Nationally, just 5.9% of firefighters, 13.6% of police officers, and 32.9% of EMTs and paramedics […]

Smart Phone Photography: 10 Tips to Better Photos

Ten Tips To Better Smart Phone Photos  by Rod Deutschmann Sign up for Rod’s upcoming class Travel/Vacation Photography 6-9pm on 5/11. We’ve got them and we love them. Smartphones are everywhere and our love affair is well documented. If the statistics are correct, there are more than 2 billion Smartphone users globally (that’s billion with a […]