From Aerialist to Yoga Instructor, Meet Maddie Webb


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Maddie Webb is a new instructor to St. Charles Adult and Community Education this fall and is teaching two yoga courses.

Trained as an aerialist, Maddie studied Ashtanga yoga to complement her training and began teaching yoga in 2007. She teaches many different styles of yoga, including yin yoga, which is a slower-paced class. Learn more about the yoga classes offered this fall through St. Charles Adult and Community Education here.

What is yin yoga? How is it different from a beginner hatha yoga class? 

MW: Yin yoga is very different from a Hatha yoga class which is based on movement. Yin is a more quiet, passive form of yoga, in which seated and reclined hip and spine stretches are held for 1-6 minutes at a time. These stretches are done with “cold” muscles, meaning not warmed up. When the muscles are warmed up, they hog the stretch. When the muscles are not warmed up, they immediately lengthen, transferring the stress of the stretch into the connective ligaments, tendons, and fascia. This is a deeper, more intense practice in physical relaxation aimed at improving flexibility and the suppleness of the spine. Mentally, we learn to apply these teachings of seeking stillness and softening when we feel “stretched”, which we often feel in life.

What can students expect when they come to class? 
MW: Expect not to sweat or move through poses, but instead to have a deep, restful, silent, almost hallucinogenic sustained opening. Expect to turn off your phone and rest completely in the present moment. Expect to deepen your meditation practice.
What do you hope students leave with after a yin yoga class?
MW:   A deep connection to their inner selves, a complete release of tension, a feeling of balance restored to the alignment of the body, a repaired and strengthened mind and mood.
You’re also teaching a prenatal yoga class. What kind of benefits could a pregnant woman get from practicing yoga?
MW: There is not one bodily system that does not benefit from yoga. Yoga is incredibly stabilizing and balancing for everyone, but for pregnant women, yoga helps keep the body balanced as it grows and changes, and as hormone production increases, yoga can balance energy and emotions. Yoga also soothes the nervous system for everyone, which flips the brain from “stress mode” to “Rest mode”, resetting the brain and providing optimal body rejuvenation.
For pregnant women, yoga strengthens the hips, back, arms and shoulders and provides more energy and strength to carry Baby. Yoga also stretches the hips, which tighten, and relieves the low back, which becomes strained as Baby grows, pulling the lumbar spine into a deep curve. Yoga increases circulation of blood in the body, decreasing swelling and enhancing immunity. Learn breathwork to relax you for the moment of baby’s arrival, and strengthen the pelvic floor for an easier birth. 
How did you get started teaching yoga?
MW: I was told to get a part time job in college, so I went after the only job I could see myself doing. That’s when I took my first yoga teacher training so that I could teach at University of Missouri’s Rec Center. 
What do you enjoy most about it?
MW: Watching it click in students that this is a body we can make both softer where we are overworking, and stronger where we are weak; that this physical body is the vehicle of our soul and to cleanse this body is to connect to our inner voice, our spirit. Along the way students also learn that the mind can strengthen, too.

Become a Community Education Instructor


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(Photos taken at a recent instructor orientation)

St. Charles Adult and Community Education will host an information night for anyone interested in becoming a community education instructor from 6-7 p.m. Sept. 9 at Adult and Community Education office at 2400 Zumbehl Road in St. Charles.

Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds. Some work fulltime and teach classes in the evening and on weekends. Others are retired and choose to pass on their expertise to our students. All are excited and knowledgeable on the subjects they teach. If you’d like to know more about designing a class for our students and applying to be an instructor, plan to attend the information night.

Register by calling (636) 443-4043.

We are actively looking for new instructors for the following in courses in spring 2015:

Senior fitness classes

Stroller fitness classes

Herb gardening

DIY drywalling

DIY ceramic tiling

DIY home decor (think building furniture, art projects, pinterest projects)


Introduction to using an iPhone

Canning and preserving the harvest

Youth programming (such as an Easter-egg themed craft class for kids, etc)


Online Courses

St. Charles Adult and Community Education has partnered with two organizations  to offer online courses in a range of topics. Click on each link to learn more.


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